I am an electroacoustic\electronic and soundscape music composer, sound designer, live-electronics performer, researcher, and educator. I hold a Bachelor's degree (distinction) in music composition from the Ionian University, a Master's degree (distinction) in Electroacoustic composition from the University of Manchester and a fully-funded PhD degree from the University of Sheffield. 

My compositions have been performed in a total of 86 international music festivals such as In Sonic 2017: Immersive Future [ZKM Center for Art and Media], Cube Fest 2019-Sound in Focus III [Moss Art Centre, Blacksburg], ICMC 2014 [Athens], New York Electroacoustic Festival 2021. Many of my compositions won prizes in prestigious competitions such as Metamorphoses 2012 -2014 -2018, Iannis Xenakis 2018 and SIME 2019. Ten of my works have been published on important collective records (indicatively: Metamorphoses 2012-14-18-20, Anthology of Contemporary Music from Greece and CIME 2020). I have also collaborated with artists and researchers across various mediums, including contemporary dance, performing arts, video art and installations, documentary, and VR projects, to design sound and compose music and soundscapes for their works.

As a live-electronics performer, I have played in the ensembles like ASABE, Tyto Alba, [DI]AFANEIS HEROES, and have also performed solo acts in concerts including Machines of Mantic Stain, Confusion / Irrational Collectiveness. As a visiting lecturer, I have taught the course Electronic/Electroacoustic music and Sound Arts at the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology and the course Sound and New Media at the Department of Fine Arts. Additionally, I have served as a teaching assistant for the Music Technology course at the University of Sheffield and the Electroacoustic Music Composition and Live-Electronics courses at Ionian University.

I have been invited to give seminars and workshops on topics such as electroacoustic music composition, ambisonic recording and multichannel compositional techniques, soundscape theory and composition, acoustic ecology, soundwalking, deep-listening and my own compositional method called dramatised-performative narrative (Franz Liszt-SeaM 2014, Weimar; 11th Sonic Arts - Summer Academy and Festival, Akousmata, 2017 and 2018, Corfu; Cyprus University of Technology, 2022, Limassol).

As a researcher, I explore compositional methods and practices and presented my findings in my PhD thesis, "Dramatised-performative narrative in electroacoustic composition" and the conference paper, entitled as "Expanding the classification of narrative phenomena in electroacoustic music: from intra and inter musical narrative to performative and dramatised-performative narrative". I have also worked for two years as a research associate at the Cyprus University of Technology, contributing to various projects as a composer, sound designer and editor. 

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