Dimitris Savva is a Limassol-based electroacoustic music composer and researcher.

He graduated with distinction from the Music Department of Ionian University with a major in electroacoustic music composition and minor in contemporary instrumental music composition. During his studies, he took contemporary instrumental composition courses with Dimitra Trypani and Joseph Papadatos and electroacoustic music composition courses with Andreas Mniestris and Theodoros Lotis. In 2013, as a scholar of the Cyprus State Scholarship Foundation and under the supervision of David Berezan, he completed a master's degree (distinction) in electroacoustic music composition at the University of Manchester. In 2015, he started a fully-funded PhD (University of Sheffield Faculty Scholarship) at the University of Sheffield under the supervision of Adrian Moore and Adam Stanovic. His doctoral research explores the concept of dramatized-performative narrative through the development of a compositional practice and method in electroacoustic music.

Dimitris's works have been performed in various electroacoustic music festivals in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, England, Chile, Mexico, Canada and the U.S.A. In 2012, he received the first prize ex-aequo in the student category of the biennale Belgium international electroacoustic music composition competition "Metamorphoses" for his work Erevos. In 2014, in the main competition category of the same competition he received the public prize for his work Balloon Theories. In 2018, at the same competition he received an "honourable mention" for his work Moments of Liberty II: Falling Within. These awards have led to the inclusion of these three compositions in compilation compact disks published by Musiques & Researches. For the work Moments of Liberty II: Falling Within, he also received the 4th prize in the French international electroacoustic music composition competition "SIME 2019" and the 3rd prize (out of 241 participants) in the Greek international electroacoustic music composition competition "Iannis Xenakis". In 2013, he participated in the finals of the electroacoustic music composition competition in Weimar. As a competition winner, he received the Franz Liszt scholarship that included a three-month residency at the University of Franz Liszt and Bauhaus and access to sound-studios and equipment for the completion of compositional work. During his stay in Weimar, the first solo electroacoustic music concert with performances of his works was organised. In December 2014, he was an artist in residence at VICC (Visby International Centre for Composers), Visby, Sweden. In 2015, his work Telchines was included by HELMCA (Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association) in the works that would represent the association to the European Festival of Electroacoustic Music in Lisbon. In 2016, HELMCA included his work Thalassain the works that would represent the association at the international festival-meeting of all the electroacoustic music associations that took place in Morelia, Mexico. In 2018, his work Stous Theous was selected and published in a compilation compact disk entitled "Electro framework" by the independent label Unexplained Sounds. In 2019, the same label published his work Thalassa in a compilation compact disk, entitled "Anthology of Music from the Middle East".

Along with electroacoustic music composition, Dimitris composed music for contemporary dance, theater and installation art. He collaborated with the choreographer Andromachi Dimitriadou Lindahl and composed the music for her works Echo and Breath. He also collaborated with the British theatre company Bare Project and composed music and designed sound for the contemporary theatre show Bardo. Furthermore, he collaborated with Olga Doulkeridou, Kate Sully and Cleopatra Hatzigiosi and composed soundscapes for their mixed-media installation-art works.

Dimitris is also a live-electronics performer and a diffusion-practitioner. He was an active member of the live-electronics, intuition and structured-based improvisation student ensemble ASABE and the free-improvisation, live-electronics ensemble Transparent Heroes. As a diffusion-practitioner he has many times performed his -and occasionally others'- works in many international electroacoustic music festivals. The highlight of these performances was the diffusion of his works Erevos and Balloon Theories by the 90 loudspeakers-orchestra in Theatre Marni at the festival L'Espace du son in 2012 and 2014, Brussels, Belgium.

Along with creative and research-based practices, Dimitris has been involved in the organization of electroacoustic music festivals and in electroacoustic music education. Since the beginning of his involvement in electroacoustic music composition, he has taken many roles in various festival he was involved in. His roles ranged from technician, to technical assistant and technical director, and from concerts' organizer and concerts' curator to electroacoustic music compositions committee reviewer (SMC 2018). In regard to education, he has worked as graduate teaching assistant for the class of music technology in the Music Department of Sheffield University and a teaching assistant for the class of electroacoustic music composition, sound art and live-electronics ensemble at the Music Department of Ionian University. He has also given seminars in surround-sound spacialisation practices in electroacoustic music, including ambisonic recording and reproduction. He has further been involved in an Erasmus + working placement project where -in collaboration with Dr Nasia Therapontos- he introduced and taught electroacoustic music composition to the high-school students of the Music School of Nicosia, Cyprus as part of the music technology class. At the end of the semester, students had the opportunity to present the works they composed during this course at the first surround 8-channel electroacoustic music concert in Cyprus, which was organized as part of this project. 

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